Meet Omri, one of the characters in The Dragon Hunter.  He is the King of Zandador and has retained the throne for nearly 500 years.  But he is in danger of losing his crown if Javan collects all four Dragon Stalkers by the end of the current year.  Omri’s son Micah is thus fighting against Javan to ensure Omri remains in power.  Here is Omri’s brief profile:

Birthdate:   February 6 in the Zandadorian year of 3504

Current Age:  696

Appearance:  6’4”, black skin, dark brown eyes, black hair worn in short, tight braids, broad shoulders

King of Zandador 

Family:  Two brothers; twelve wives, thirteen sons (including Micah), twenty-eight daughters

Personality:  Arrogant, Manipulative, Ruthless

Biggest Fear:  Losing control of Zandador

Unique Fact:  Born in Varzack and trained to be a blacksmith rather than a Dragon Hunter like his two older brothers.  When he attempted to leave Varzack and enter the Battle of the Throne in 3600, his older brother turned him in.  Omri was thus imprisoned for ten years.  Upon his release, he vowed to never be controlled by anyone again.  He dedicated himself to learning everything he could about Dragon Hunting, escaped Varzack and won the Battle for the Throne in 3700.  500000