Those of the Dragon Hunter Bloodline moved south of Zandador to Varzack when the first Dragon Collector won the Battle of the Throne.

They stayed out of Zandador and the Battle for the Throne for the next 500 years and focused on building their own society.  Two classes soon emerged:  slaves and slave owners.

The slaves mined the resources of the land—mostly iron and wood—to build homes and towns at the direction of their owners.  They learned how to maximize the use of purple rains, cultivate plants and trade using paper currency instead of dragon scales.

They became excellent craftsmen; swords and spears became the predominant weapons across the country of Varzack.

They also learned that although they lived long lives (with an average lifespan of 400 years), they aged faster in Varzack than those who lived to be a thousand years in Zandador.  Many grew content with their lives but a small faction longed for a return to the Land of Zandador.

Omri was one of those people.

Omri’s parents were both of the Hunter Bloodline and both slaves of Rehu.  His father Grishtor worked as a blacksmith for Rehu while his mother Sylvia worked in the kitchen.  Rehu arranged the marriage and ordered the couple to have three sons.

The first two children born were girls.  Rehu had each of them killed.  He wanted boys—two to sell to the army and one to work for him as a blacksmith.

Over the next five years, Sylvia gave birth to three boys:  Mahrer, Vixay and Omri.

Mahrer and Vixay were raised as soldiers and sold to the army at age 12 to fight the beasts of the land.  Since they were of the Hunter Bloodline, they were also trained to hunt dragons in preparation to fight in a Battle of the Throne in Zandador.

Omri wanted to be a soldier like his brothers.  He wanted to use the swords he made with his father in the shop to fight, not simply give them to others to fight.  But Rehu would not allow it and ordered Omri to be a blacksmith, not a soldier or a Dragon Hunter.

This infuriated Omri.  He was more powerful than either of his brothers and deserved to be the one training to hunt dragons.  He thought of himself as a King, not a blacksmith.

So when the Battle for the Throne began in 3600, Omri decided to flee Varzack and enter the competition for the throne.

Only things did not go as planned.