Wind.  Rain.  Hail.  Sleet.  Snow.  Like on earth, these types of storms occur in the Land of Zandador.  But unlike earth, the Land of Zandador experiences three different types of storms:  red rains, white winds and sanity strikes.

Red Rains are horizontal rain storms that form over the ocean and sweep across the land.  The rain droplets in these slow-moving storms are red and sting when they contact skin.  The smaller the droplets are, the stronger the sting.  They can leave welts that last for weeks.

If a person is caught in a storm and exposed to too many stings, death is an imminent possibility.

White Winds are powerful blankets of wind that can form anywhere at any time.  The wind is so concentrated that it appears to be a sheet of sheer white, and the sound of the storm is so high-pitched that only animals can hear it coming. 

Anyone or anything caught in the path of a white wind storm can be thrown hundreds of miles away.

Sanity Strikes only occur at night within five nights before or after a full moon.  When these storms hit, glowing balls ranging in size from marbles to golf balls fall from the sky and explode on impact.

If a person is near one of these exploding balls, he or she will be rendered insane for days.  If one of these balls explodes on a person, he or she could be rendered insane for years.  Some never regain their sanity.

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