This epic fantasy adventure takes you deep into the heart of the Dragon Dimension, through the portal to modern-day Earth, and back again for a grand battle over the dragons that roam the Land of Zandador.

With three months left to complete his mission, Javan has collected two Dragon Stalkers and persuaded his rival, Micah the Dragon Hunter, to join his side.

Here in book three, Taliya the Dragon Protector teams with Javan by default.  Her home is gone, having been destroyed by the white winds, and the Dawn Stalker she spent her life protecting is now a part of Javan’s collection.  With her own purpose shattered, she agrees to help Javan fulfill his.

The newly formed trio’s mission is to find a Dusk Stalker dragon egg, sneak it through the portal to earth so the egg can hatch, and bring the baby back to Zandador so Taliya can care for it until it’s big enough for Javan to ride.

Meanwhile, a Dragon Destroyer is on a mission of her own.  She has been tasked by the king to kill the remaining dragon population as well as Micah, the king’s own son.

With the portal guarded by the king’s army, the Dusk eggs hidden deep within Dusk Territory, and the deadly Destroyer on the loose, the trio’s task grows more impossible with each passing day.  Added to the complicated mix is the fiercely independent nature of Taliya. 

How long will Taliya be content to remain with Javan before she’s ready to plot a new path for herself?  Her choice will determine whether or not Javan succeeds in his quest to unite the four Bloodlines, free the people of Zandador, and save the Dragon Stalkers from extinction.