Meet Shara, one of the characters in The Dragon Hunter.    She is the 301st person to take over as Captain of the Dawn Justice Unit during Omri’s reign (the Dawn Stalker Dahlia is temperamental and has a tendency to maim captains who displease her).  Shara quickly learned how to play to Dahlia’s pride and is thus beginning her ninth year as Dahlia’s captain, making her the longest running Dawn Stalker Captain to date.  Here is her brief profile:

Birthdate:   April 4 in the Zandadorian year of 3848

Current Age:  352

Appearance:  5’7”, slender, shoulder-length wavy brown hair, blue eyes

Rank:  Captain of the Dawn Justice Unit 

Family:  Husband Cory, a farmer; daughter Renaha, age 34

Personality:  Insecure, Kind, Compliant

Biggest Fear:  Upsetting Dahlia, the Dawn Stalker she is responsible for

Unique Fact:  Omri appointed her as Captain because of her beauty, not her leadership skills or talent.  Her unit is thus the weakest, most incompetent unit in the army. ffffffffff