Birthdate:  June 9 in the Zandadorian year of 4123

Current Age:  77 (would look 17 in earth years)

Appearance:  6’3” muscular black man with brown eyes and dreadlocks that cascade past his shoulders

Heritage:  Hunter Bloodline; 13th son of Omri, current King of Zandador, and Viviana, Omri’s twelfth wife

Siblings:  one older brother, 11 older half-brothers; 22 older half-sisters

Personality:  Cocky, Arrogant, Selfish

Biggest Fear:  Disappointing his father

Unique Fact:  Omri did not introduce Micah to the people of Zandador until he was 50 and had proven himself to be a strong warrior in his private training sessions.  But Omri still worried the people would see Micah as a weak child, so he added one hundred years to Micah’s age.  Everyone thus believes Micah is a century older than he is.