Javan hung his head as he walked out of the locker room following the final game of his freshman football season.  Two plays.  He only got in one football game to run two plays all season.  He didn’t even get to show off his arm since the coach had him hand the ball off both times. 

How was he supposed to impress Julianne if he couldn’t play or throw the ball when he did get his chance?

How was he supposed to believe in himself if he never had a chance to test his talents?

He had worked twice as hard as Gavin in every practice all season, but the coach didn’t seem to notice.  He kept letting Gavin lead the offense as the quarterback no matter how lazy he was or how many mistakes he made.

Javan couldn’t go through another season like this.  Although he loved the game and wanted to be a great quarterback, his dream had proven hopeless.  He was never going to be the best, and he was never going to win Julianne.

This goal had consumed him for years.  He thought he had found the one thing he could be great at.  He thought he had discovered the one place he could belong.

But he wasn’t a great quarterback, and he didn’t belong on the football team.  He didn’t belong anywhere.

Javan pushed his way through the gym doors and into the cold night air.  Unfortunately Gavin and several other players—along with Julianne—were standing in a circle right outside the door.  Javan tried to pass them without being seen, but his plan failed.

“Yo, Javan,” Gavin yelled, “great job watching me from the sidelines all year.  Maybe you’ll actually get to play when I move up to varsity next year, but you’re so puny I doubt that will ever happen.”

While the guys all laughed, Julianne playfully slapped Gavin’s arm.  “That’s mean.”

Gavin shrugged and smiled.  “It’s true.”

Although his blood was boiling, Javan bit his lip and walked away.  Fighting with Gavin right now wouldn’t solve anything; destroying him on the football field was all the revenge Javan needed.  That was the only way he would be able to shut Gavin up.

So much for giving up on football.  He may never win Julianne, but he was going to do whatever it took to be a better quarterback than Gavin.

What he didn’t know was that he would never have that opportunity.  Because before the next season began, he would find himself in another dimension on a quest to collect dragons. fffffff