For the first ten years of his life, Micah lived a secluded life with his mother and three servants in a cottage on the castle grounds.  He was not allowed to enter the castle or meet his father; that was a right he had to earn by excelling in his studies.  (He once tried to sneak into the castle to catch a glimpse of his father at age seven but was discovered by one of his sisters and beaten for breaking the rules.)

In addition to learning the basics of reading, writing, math and science, he had to memorize the history, geography and laws of Zandador.  But the most important aspect of his education was his mental programming. 

He learned his father was the ultimate authority, and everything he did should be done to please his father.  If he pleased his father, he would be able to move into the castle and begin his training as a Dragon Hunter.

He also learned he was superior to everyone but his father and that people were weak and needed to be controlled.  He could thus give orders and expect to be obeyed, even by his mother.

By the age of ten, his mindset was established.  He believed himself to be brilliant, special and untouchable, and he idolized his father.  As a result, he was allowed to meet Omri for the first time on his tenth birthday.