Javan was born with a thick head of jet black hair and stunning emerald eyes on the night of July 13 in the Zandadorian year 4184 to Dartez and Esmeralda.  But Dartez was not around to meet his son; he had been banished to The Land of No Return by the King Omri when the King found out about his illegal marriage to Esmeralda and her illegal pregnancy.

Esmeralda only had the chance to hold him for a few moments.  She was living in the castle as a slave of the King the night she gave birth.  All illegal children were to be turned over to the King to become his property and serve as a lifetime soldier in his army, so she faked his death.  Dartez’s father Ravier and great-grandfather Kenton stole the very live child away and hid him on earth.

His hiding place on earth was the Rickman Family Ranch in Montana.  It was a working ranch for foster kids, and the infant Javan was left on the doorstep with a note claiming his parents would one day return for him.

He was thus never eligible for adoption, and the foster parents Tim and Sandra raised him as their own.

Aside from his emerald eyes, the thing that set Javan apart from every other child was the bond he seemed to share with the animals.  Before he even learned to crawl, he would climb onto the back of the black Labrador and ride the dog around laughing and giggling while in complete control of the animal.

He continued to ride the dog around for fun until he was just over a year old.  He hadn’t yet learned to walk, but that didn’t stop him from riding the dog up to a pony, climbing onto her back and riding bareback around the ranch.  

He was content riding ponies until age five when he encountered Storm, a wild colt no one could tame. Despite his young age, he made it his mission to tame the wild animal.  And succeeded.

Such was the start of the boy who would one day ride dragons. 0