The first time Javan stepped into a preschool classroom at age three, his bright green eyes sparkled at the sight of the colorful rug on the floor, the mural of a forest on one wall and the hodgepodge of numbers and letters and pictures of faraway places on another.  This was a place of learning, fun and adventure!

What thrilled him even more was the chance to meet kids his own age.  All the kids at the ranch were older than him and never wanted to play.  That was okay since he had plenty of animals to play with at the ranch, but he was excited about hanging with people his size who could talk back to him.

His excitement evaporated the second a boy pointed at him and yelled, “Your eyes are scary!  You better stay away from me.”

The other kids around him turned to stare at Javan.

“What’s wrong with your eyes?”

“Why do your eyes glow green?”

“Your eyes are creepy!”

 Javan had never thought anything was wrong with his eyes before, but now he didn’t want anyone else to see them ever again.  He kept his hand over his eyes the rest of the day.  When he got home, he found a pair of his foster dad’s sunglasses and wore them everywhere.  All the time.  For a week.

The only way his foster mother could coax him to take the glasses off was to get him colored contact lenses.  His eyes have remained a boring brown ever since…until he entered the Land of Zandador where the true color of his “scary eyes” would prove he was the answer to the prophecy. 

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