The Dragon Collector begins in the Zandorian year of 4199, a Battle for the Throne year.  The hero, Javan, was born in the year 4184, then immediately transported to earth where he spent the first fifteen years of his life.

Because he grew up as an orphan on earth away from his family, dragons and all things having to do with Zandador, he had no idea he could trace his Collector Bloodline heritage all the way back to his namesake Javan, the very first King of Zandador.

That’s not all he discovered when he arrived in Zandador, however.  He also learned that people can live anywhere from 700-1000 years.  That meant many of his family members were still alive, so he made a list going back seven generations on his father’s side to help him get a clear idea of not only his heritage but also how the people he encountered were related to him.  Here is that list.


My parents:  Dartez and Esmerelda

               –Dad banished to Land of No Return

               –Mom alive in Zandador

My grandparents (dad’s folks):  Ravier and Hannah

               –both in hiding in Zandador

My great-grandparents (Ravier’s folks):  Vince and Kaylin

               –both live in the city of Japheth and work for the Dark King

My great-great-grandparents (Vince’s folks):  Riztish and Meguth

               –Riztish killed by the Dark King

               –unsure whereabouts of Meguth (579 years old)

My great-great-great grandparents (Riztish’s folks):  Kenton and Carolin

               –Kenton (699 years old) hiding on earth with two dragons

               –Carolin killed by the Dark King

My great-great-great-great grandparents (Kenton’s folks):  Leo and Ruth

               –alive (in their 900’s) but unsure of whereabouts

My great-great-great-great-great grandparents (Leo’s folks):  Calvin and Jenna

               –Calvin reigned as King of Zandador from 3301-3400                –no Collector King has reigned since Calvin          –both deceased      ffff