Name:  Varjiek

Type:  Noon Stalker

Birthdate:  Born on Oct 21 in Zandadorian year of 3302 during Lancert the Destroyer’s Reign

Current Age:  622

Status:  Wild Dragon

Residence:  Lives free in Noon Stalker Territory in northeast Zandador

Personality:  Fun-loving, Sensitive, Outgoing, Independent

Favorite Food:  Trellis Leaves and Deer

Biggest Fear:  Ladybugs; he is severely allergic and nearly died when he ate one as a small dragon

Unique Fact:  He is in love with Skylark, a dragon currently hiding on earth from the Dark King

Varjiek is the final dragon to appear in The Dragon Collector.  The following is an excerpt from the book that highlights his appearance.

The dragon he was after made his home in the jungle. 

               Only the jungle was the size of Hawaii, and Javan was on foot in a time trap with no help of any sort.  The long, drawn-out songs and chirps and slithers of the animals around him didn’t exactly put his mind at ease.  He slowed to a walk but ate a few more energy balls just in case.  If any of those noise-making animals were dangerous and tried to attack him, he liked knowing he had the ability to outrun them.

“Okay, Noon Stalker, where are you?”  Javan crossed over a creek, dipped under an ivy canopy and walked through a cluster of pointy ferns.  No matter which way he twisted and turned, though, he couldn’t avoid their prickly tips.  “Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!”  He finally spun his way out of the cluster and collapsed onto a bed of clovers. 

Which he shared with a black panther. 

The jolt of pain from his fresh wound colliding with the ground was nothing compared to the fear coursing through his system as he stared from his hands and knees into the panther’s yellow eyes.  It hissed, snarled and bared its fangs. 

Fortunately it did so in slow motion, allowing Javan time to stand and begin backing away.  He inspected his wound in the process and was happy to note that the sealing mud had done its job and kept his cut sealed.

A human?  Where did he come from?  If he causes my meal to run away…

Forgetting about his cut, Javan reached for his stalker swords and surveyed the narrow clearing in which he stood.  Vines draped across the palm trees that surrounded him and dangled to the green, puffy-leafed plants and barbed ferns all around him.  He could hear the dragon’s thoughts but couldn’t see him anywhere. 

How could he not see a gigantic golden dragon in the middle of all this green?

Hmm…he looks like he’s looking for me.  But that’s not possible.  I’m cloaked.  He can’t know I’m here.

“You’re cloaked?  Ha!  That’s why I can’t see you.”

You can hear me?

“Yes.”  Javan sighed.  “I can hear your thoughts.”  He hated having to explain this thought-reading thing to every new dragon he met.  He needed a shirt that said “I am a Collector and can read Stalker’s minds.  Get over it.” !this.isVa