Name:  Kisa

Type:  Dawn Stalker

Birthdate:  Born on July 17 in Zandadorian year of 4184 during Omri’s reign

Current Age:  15

Status:  Wild Dragon

Residence:  Lives in a secret cave in Upper Keckrick

Personality:  OCD about Cleanliness, Adventurous, Eager to Learn, Protective

Favorite Food:  Dragon Fruit, yellow balls the size of a human head with a tough exterior

Biggest Fear:  Being separated from Taliya, her unofficial Protector

Unique Fact:  She is a mere four days younger than Javan, the Dragon Collector.  She was smuggled to earth in the form of an egg on the same night as the newborn Javan and hatched four days later.  Immediately upon her return to the Great Rift, she was whisked away to Keckrick and hidden there so that only the family protecting her knew of her existence.

Kisa is one of two new dragons introduced in The Dragon Hunter.  The following is an excerpt from the book that highlights her appearance.

He brushed himself off and continued his walk.  Since Varjiek was out looking for the dragon that may or may not be living somewhere along the northwestern shore near a family of Dragon Protectors, Javan felt free to walk down the beach without thinking of what he needed to do, where he needed to go, or how to collect a Dawn Stalker that could teleport away from him at the slightest hint of danger.

He was also free to explore his surroundings, and his surroundings appeared worthy of exploration up ahead.  The palm-tree lined beach gave way to a ragged cliff hundreds of feet high.  The rocks of the cliff were as clear as glass and shimmered in the bright sunlight.  And the strangest, most beautiful flower he had ever seen covered the base of the cliff, the hill leading to the top of the cliff, and all along the top of the cliff.

Wanting to get a closer look at the flowers, Javan began jogging.  He soon found himself past the palm trees and in the midst of head-high flowers with green stems so thick that his fingers barely touched when he wrapped his hands around them. 

Thin leaves as long as his arms grew sporadically up the stem leading to the round top that leaned to the side like sunflowers.  The petals that lined the perimeter of the circle also reminded him of sunflowers, but these were purple instead of yellow.  What truly mesmerized Javan, though, was the web of neon blue strings that burst out from the center of the flower.

Each individual string originated from the base of a petal and stretched downward for about a foot where it intertwined with all of the other strings.  Curious about what it felt like, Javan touched one of the strings with his finger.  It felt soft and smooth and alive.  As soon as Javan touched it, the web immediately retreated to its base where the petals wrapped it in a protective covering.

“Cool,” Javan said, touching each flower as he walked by so he could watch them all coil up.

Then something else caught his attention:  the sound of a waterfall.

He abandoned his ploy to frighten all the flowers and sprinted ahead.  He cut through the last of the flowers right before the land started rising, fought his way through about fifty yards of thick foliage he couldn’t identify, and stood in stunned silence at the sight of the most majestic waterfall he had ever seen.

He stood at the right corner of a U-shaped canyon.  White water flowed down the curved end of the canyon into a pool of water so clear he could see the bottom and all the fish in between.  The straight edges of the U formed the walls of the canyon, were topped with those bizarre flowers, and were made of the same shimmering rocks as the cliffs bordering the ocean.

The clear rocks also formed an island in the middle of the water, and laying on that island basking in the sun was a living, breathing, white-scaled Dawn Stalker.  It looked at him, scowled, and said, You’re not Taliya.  

He was about to respond when a female burst through the trees right in front of him and cut him off.  “Kisa, leave!”  The dragon obeyed and immediately teleported herself away. 

Javan sighed and turned his attention to the woman who had delivered the orders.  She was about five inches shorter than Javan and wore her black hair in a braided crown atop her head.  A machete dangled from her tiny waist, and she held a slingshot in her left hand and a dart in her right. 

She had on an unbuttoned long sleeved green shirt over a green tank top and matching green pants.  Her outfit allowed her to blend in with the trees, but it didn’t camouflage her short, slender figure, gorgeous tan face, and bright blue eyes.

“You must be Taliya.”  He extended his hand to introduce himself but didn’t have the chance.  Because right after hearing her name, she lifted the slingshot, loaded it with the dart, and shot him in the neck.