Name:  Skylark

Type:  Midnight Stalker

Birthdate:  Born on June 9 in Zandorian year of 3699 during Quartu the Destroyer’s Reign

Current Age:  501

Status:  Collected by Kenton in Zandorian year of 3700

Residence:  Currently hiding on earth with Kenton and Midnight Stalker Silverspike

Personality:  Easy-going, fun-loving, adventurous; hates being stuck in one place too long

Favorite Food:  Poison Ivy

Biggest Fear:  Lady bugs (tries to dig tunnels to hide when she sees a lady bug)

Unique Fact:  Loves baseball and makes herself invisible so she can watch games from the air

Skylark is the second dragon to appear in The Dragon Collector.  The following is an excerpt from the book that highlights her appearance:

Silverspike, stop scaring the kid.  The ground rumbled as a similar creature landed a few yards away from Javan.  Only this one was smaller, spikeless and sported round wings on its grey, scaly body.

I don’t trust him.  Silverspike splashed the water with his long, pointy tail.  Something’s wrong with his eyes.

“Really?”  Javan smacked the ground.  “Even these bizarre creatures know about my eyes.  Why do I even bother with these color contacts anymore?”

No way.  The land-based creature crouched to Javan’s level.  You can hear us?

“Of course.”  Javan cocked his head toward the creature, half-expecting it to open its mouth and bite his head off.  “I mean, I can usually sense what animals are thinking.  Can’t everybody?”


“Oh.”  Javan gulped.  “Well, it is a little weird that I can understand you so clearly.  That’s definitely new.”

“You can understand the dragons?”  The human voice of Kenton—who arrived on the back of Izzie, one of the ranch horses—joined the conversation.  “You can hear their thoughts?”

Javan winced.  Like his bright green eyes, his way of communicating with animals made him a freak.  So he preferred to keep his peculiar communication skills between him and the animals.  “It’s no big deal.”  At least it wasn’t until Kenton’s description of the creatures sunk in.  “Hold on.”

Javan rolled over and slowly stood.  “These guys are dragons?”

“Dragon Stalkers to be exact.”

“Dragon Stalkers?  Are they stalking me?  Do they want to eat me?”

“Relax, kid.  This here is Skylark, a Noon Stalker,” Kenton said, pointing to the smaller dragon.  “And that is Silverspike, a Midnight Stalker.  Skylark only eats around noon, and Silverspike only eats around midnight.  It’s just past four o’clock, so you’re good.”

“That makes absolutely no sense to me.”

Skylark chuckled and puffed a cloud of smoke in Javan’s face.  Sorry, she said.  I tend to smoke when I laugh.

“It will make more sense once we get you to Zandador.”

“To where?”

“The Land of Zandador.  Where you’re from.  We had to hide you on earth to protect you.  Now that you’re old enough to fight for the throne, you’re needed.” fffffffffffff