Name:  Opny

Type:  Dawn Stalker

Birthdate:  Born on April 7 in Zandadorian year of 3386 during Calvin the Collector’s Reign

Current Age:  814

Status:  Wild Dragon

Residence:  Lives free in Dawn Stalker Territory in Southwest Zandador

Personality:  Selfish, Vain and Territorial; lashes out at anyone or anything who enters his territory

Favorite Foods:  Okties and lily pads

Biggest Fear:  Mosquitoes (faints when sees or hears them flying around him)

Unique Fact:  Sulks and forgets to eat when he sees butterflies because he’s jealous of their beautiful colors and their ability to fly

Opny is the third dragon to appear in The Dragon Collector.  The following is an excerpt from the book that highlights his appearance.

They set up a hiding spot behind a dense row of bushes fifty feet from the shore of the lake while the okties perched themselves in some trees above the bushes and dozed off.

               “How long do you think we’ll have to—”

               “Shh,” Ravier said.  “He’s coming and has incredible hearing.  Not another word until he’s gone.”

               Javan pretended to lock his lips and threw the invisible key over his shoulder.  He started to yawn, but when a dragon appeared out of nowhere on the far side of the lake, Javan was too astonished to close his mouth.

               The stunning creature was a good ten feet tall and fifteen feet wide with a long pointy tail and four muscle-bound legs that each ended with three sharp claws.  Two spear-like antlers adorned the top of its head between its pointy, oversized ears and above its round black eyes. 

This dragon had no wings, which Javan found odd.   In his mind, all dragons should have wings and be able to fly.

               The dragon’s most striking feature was its scales.  Many were a bright white, but more than half were dazzling colors of red, orange, pink and purple.

               Apparently the dragon also thought his best feature was his colorful scales.  He stared at his reflection in the water, mesmerized by his own beauty.  As more scales slowly changed colors, he became more entranced by his reflection.

               Then he struck a pose.  He cocked his head down and to the left, bent his right leg so that his claw was just under his long snout and stuck his tail straight out so that it was parallel to his back. 

               Gorgeous, Opny, the dragon said, just gorgeousYour scales are looking especially bright and shiny today.

               Had Javan not been able to read the dragon’s mind, he probably would have been able to overcome his amusement.  But when Javan heard the fierce-looking dragon praise himself with such shallow vanity, a burst of laughter escaped from Javan’s lips.

               Ravier’s hand immediately covered Javan’s mouth.

Too late. 

In less than a second, the dragon disappeared and reappeared right in front of the bushes where Javan and Ravier were hiding.  He stepped on the bush in front of Javan and looked straight into Javan’s eyes.  Humans, he said.  You must die!