Name:  Serenity               

Type:  Midnight Stalker

Birthdate:  Born on Mar 13 in Zandadorian year of 3700 during Lancert the Destroyer’s Reign

Current Age:  500

Status:  Enslaved by King Omri   

Residence:  Lives in the Dragon Quarters below the castle in the capital city of Japheth 

Personality:  Vicious, Cunning, Selfish, Merciless, Cocky

Favorite Foods:  Mushrooms and Raxens

Biggest Fear:  Thunderstorms

Unique Fact:  Originally named Drak by the Protector who guarded her egg and watched her hatch; Omri changed her name as an insult to her when she acted too serene during a city-destroying mission and didn’t hurt as many people as he wanted her to; those from the Protector Bloodline still refer to her by her original name

The following is an excerpt of her first appearance in The Dragon Collector:

“People of Zandador,” Micah said, now standing in front of Esmeralda.  His booming voice quieted the conversation of the dragons and the cheers of the crowd.  “People of Zandador, welcome Serenity the Midnight Stalker and your King, King Omri the Omnipotent!”

Micah turned and pointed up to the sky in the direction of the castle.  The trumpeters played loud, bold notes as a dark grey spot in the light grey sky grew bigger and bigger. 

Omri was approaching on his winged dragon just as they expected.  Javan’s heart began to beat a little faster.  The arrival of the Dark King signaled the start of their plan. Serenity spewed a string of lightning bolts as she flew the Dark King over the castle walls.  The brilliant flashes of bright lights were met with shrieks of both terror and awe from the crowd below her. 

The shrieks didn’t stop the trumpeting soldiers from playing, however.  They maintained their tune and their focus even as they moved to the back edge of the stage to create a landing space for the Midnight Stalker.

Esmeralda wasn’t as accommodating.  Despite Omri and the Stalker hovering above her and the wind from the dragon’s wings blowing her already disheveled hair, she maintained her position.  Javan was sure he saw her smirk until Micah snagged her arm and forced her to the front of the stage. 

With the landing area cleared, Omri masterfully landed the massive dragon onto the platform.  The entire platform and the columns it rested on shook from the weight of the grey-scaled beast.  The stage was just long enough to hold the twenty-five-foot long dragon, but not long enough to hold her stumped tail.  It hung over the edge and came close to scraping the ground near where Javan stood.  Had its tip not been cut off, it would have easily reached the ground.

Serenity snorted several puffs of electrified smoke as she brought her pointy wings to rest alongside her body and bent her tall, fifteen-foot high frame to allow Omri an easier path of descent.  The Dark King took his cue and slid down the dragon’s right front leg.  The moment his feet touched the stage, he lifted his hands in the air, palms to the sky and shouted, “Welcome!”