Name:  Eli

Type:  Dusk Stalker

Birthdate:  Born on Aug 15 in Zandadorian year of 3533 during Lancert the Destroyer’s Reign

Current Age:  667

Status:  Enslaved by King Omri

Residence:  Lives in the Dragon Quarters below the castle in the capital city of Japheth 

Personality:  Quiet, Stubborn, Loyal

Favorite Food:  Peas and Peanuts

Biggest Fear:  Doing anything that would disappoint Kenton, his original master

Unique Fact:  Collected by Kenton but willingly sacrificed his place in Kenton’s collection in exchange for the freedom of his Collector’s wife (who had been captured by Omri)

Eli is the sixth dragon to appear in The Dragon Collector.  The following is an excerpt from the book that highlights his appearance.

More triumphant notes sounded from the stage followed by another announcement.  “Prepare the way for Eli the Dusk Stalker and the thirteenth son, Micah the Mighty!”

“Eli?” Astor said, sounding surprised.

They hadn’t expected Eli, the dragon who was once a part of Kenton’s collection and Mertzer’s brother, to make an appearance today.  Javan took a few steps to his left and strained his neck around Dahlia’s massive body to catch a glimpse of the dragon Omri had used to cheat his way into power.

At the castle gates, Micah stood at the base of the Stalker’s neck.  Micah’s black skin and even blacker uniform contrasted sharply with the white scales of the Dusk Stalker he stood upon.  One hand held the reigns of the halter while he pumped the other in the air in victory fashion.  The crowd erupted in applause, and Micah forced the dragon to trot forward.

The dragon was not an impressive Stalker specimen.  His long body was thin and gaunt with patches of missing scales.  His vacant eyes and defeated posture didn’t exactly strike fear in the hearts of the onlookers.  Nor did the halter the dragon was forced to wear.

While Dahlia’s halter looked similar to the halter he used on his horse Storm, Eli’s had a muzzle attached to the noseband which prevented him from opening his mouth.  The leather strips also weren’t sitting flat against Eli’s scales thanks to spikes on the underside of the halter.  The cruelty of the halter reminded Javan of Micah’s cruelty.  n