Meet Taliya, one of the characters in The Dragon Hunter.    She is a Dragon Protector and a direct descent of Atlar, Timlech and Tra, the Protector Kings who ruled Zandador from 1501-1800.  Here is her brief profile:

Birthdate:   March 17 in the Zandadorian year of 4178

Current Age:  22

Appearance:  5’2”, waist-length black hair, tan skin, bright blue eyes, slender figure

Heritage:  Protector Bloodline 

Family:  only child; parents live in Zandador but sent her to Keckrick to live with her grandparents

Personality:  Smart, Witty, Outgoing

Biggest Fear:  Losing Kisa, the dragon she is secretly protecting in Keckrick

Unique Facts:  Her human contact has been limited because she doesn’t want anyone to find out about Kisa.  She can move in the woods without making a sound, shoots darts from a slingshot with deadly accuracy, and studies the weather patterns.  She can sense when animals are about to strike or a storm is about to hit.