The Great Rift is the dimension God created after the flood to preserve the animals who wouldn’t be able to survive earth’s post-flood atmosphere, such as dragons.  It is an odd-shaped island in the midst of red and purple seas that is roughly the width and length of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is comprised of seven distinct regions, one of which is Keckrick.

Keckrick is the region below the southwest half of Zandador.  It is bordered by Varzack to the east, the red ocean to the west and the Land of No Return to the south.  A desert separates it from Zandador, and a Y-shaped canyon separates it from its other neighboring regions.

Keckrick itself is a lush rain forest.  An array of plants, trees and flowers grow in this region and are used in many foods and medicines all over the Great Rift. 

Those who live in Keckrick are brown-skinned people with black hair and are descendants of Tiras, one of the original 49 human settlers of the Great Rift.  They believed that dragons should be free to live how they please without any interference from man.  They also believed man should protect the dragons, not require dragons to protect or serve man. 

As a result of these beliefs, they become known as the Protector Bloodline.

When they lost the first Battle for the Throne to the Collector Bloodline, they retreated from the Land of Zandador and moved south to Keckrick.  To protect the plants and animals of the rain forest, they spread out and set up small communities all over the region.  That way they only had to clear tiny sections of land here and there to build their homes.

They are a peaceful people who keep to themselves but won’t hesitate to fight to protect Dragon Stalkers from harm.

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