The Great Rift is the dimension God created after the flood to preserve the animals who wouldn’t be able to survive earth’s post-flood atmosphere, such as dragons.  It is an odd-shaped island in the midst of red and purple seas that is roughly the width and length of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is comprised of seven distinct regions, one of which is Gibbet.

Gibbet is the territory just below the icy region of Xyies.  It is a warm region shaped like the palm of a hand; the abundance of wild monkeys and thick jungles make building there challenging.

Those who live in the thickets of Gibbet are descendants of Tubal, one of the original 49 human settlers of the Great Rift.  They are tough, crafty folks who developed a genetic tendency toward dwarfism. 

Their small height made them feel like outcasts in the Land of Zandador, so they moved north and set up their own secluded community in Gibbet, far away from dragons and the conflict between the Dragon Stalker Bloodlines. 

Rather than clearing the land of trees in order to build homes, they learned to build in the trees and thrive alongside the monkeys.   The monkeys have thus grown protective of the dwarves and swarm to attack any strangers who trespass in their land.

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