The Great Rift is the dimension God created after the flood to preserve the animals who wouldn’t be able to survive earth’s post-flood atmosphere, such as dragons. It is an odd-shaped island in the midst of red and purple seas that is roughly the width and length of the Atlantic Ocean. Both dragons and man can live anywhere from 700-1000 years in this dimension.

Named for the time of day they feed (Dawn, Dusk, Noon and Midnight), the four types of Dragon Stalkers live in the Land of Zandador, the region in the middle of the Great Rift.

When man couldn’t agree how to coexist with the dragons, four factions developed.

The Collectors believed man should work with dragons and that dragons thrive when given a purpose: to serve and protect man.

The Hunters believed dragons should be enslaved and used as tools to gain power over their fellow man.

The Protectors believed dragons should be free and have no one to look after except themselves, so man should protect the dragons from harm.

The Destroyers believed dragons were dangerous creatures and should be eliminated.

Since these four factions, or Bloodlines, couldn’t agree how to govern, they chose to fight it out. Whoever collected, hunted, protected, or destroyed each of the four dragons first would assume the throne for 100 years. Then, in the last year of the king’s reign, another dragon battle would ensue to determine who would rule for the next 100 years.

If no one won the Battle for the Throne, the current ruler would keep the throne for another century. And if dragons become extinct while a ruler is on the throne, he becomes the King of Zandador for the rest of his life, and his descendants will rule after him.

When The Dragon Stalker Bloodlines Saga begins, a ruthless Hunter is on the throne, dragons are on the verge of extinction, and Javan is a modern-day 15-year-old orphan about to begin his sophomore year of high school.  He knows nothing of his Collector heritage until his mother crosses dimensions, finds him, and returns with him to Zandador to challenge the Dark King.

Javan is a lanky teenage boy who must learn how to ride Dragon Stalkers and unite the four Bloodlines in order to overthrow the Dark King, free the people of Zandador, and save the Dragon Stalkers from extinction.

In book one, The Dragon Collector, Javan learns of his heritage and must quickly gain the skills he needs to collect his first dragon…or his long-lost mother is doomed to die at the hands of the Dark King in the Land of Zandador.

In book two, The Dragon Hunter, Micah, a strong soldier from the Hunter Bloodline, is on a mission to stop Javan by hunting the four types of Dragon Stalkers before Javan can complete his collection.

Now in book three, The Dragon Protector, Taliya, the feisty young woman from the Protector Bloodline, teams with Javan to find a Dusk Stalker egg, sneak it through the portal to earth to hatch, and bring the baby dragon back to Zandador to care for it until it’s big enough for Javan to ride.  But with the eggs hidden somewhere deep within Dusk territory, the portal guarded by the king’s army, and Krystyn the Destroyer tasked by the king to kill the remaining dragon population, Javan’s mission to finish his dragon collection and overthrow the Dark King grows more impossible with each passing day.

The Saga of the Battle for the Throne unfolds throughout four novels:

The Dragon Collector (The Dragon Stalker Bloodlines Saga Book 1) by [Drake, D.K.]              The Dragon Hunter (The Dragon Stalker Bloodlines Saga Book 2) by [Drake, D.K.]