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Meet Lydia, one of the characters in The Dragon Hunter.    She is the Tribal Chief of the Sacratali Tribe in Lower Keckrick.  Here is her brief profile:

Birthdate:   December 8 in the Zandadorian year of 4103

Current Age:  97

Appearance:  5’7”, spiked hair, brown eyes, brown skin; slender, muscular

Rank:  Tribal Chief 

Family:  Widow; mother of three grown boys; has five grandchildren, all girls

Personality:  Tough, Determined, Impulsive

Biggest Fear:  Being unable to protect her family and tribe

Unique Facts:  On her tenth wedding anniversary at the age of 47, a powerful storm with high winds and massive rainfall swept through her village.  Her husband—the Chief at the time—was trapped by a fallen tree and drowned by the rising water from the rain.  She tried to free him from the tree but was unsuccessful.  She took over as Chief and became fiercely protective of her family and tribe, determined not to lose any more loved ones on her watch.

Taliya, Dragon Protector

Meet Taliya, one of the characters in The Dragon Hunter.    She is a Dragon Protector and a direct descent of Atlar, Timlech and Tra, the Protector Kings who ruled Zandador from 1501-1800.  Here is her brief profile:

Birthdate:   March 17 in the Zandadorian year of 4178

Current Age:  22

Appearance:  5’2”, waist-length black hair, tan skin, bright blue eyes, slender figure

Heritage:  Protector Bloodline 

Family:  only child; parents live in Zandador but sent her to Keckrick to live with her grandparents

Personality:  Smart, Witty, Outgoing

Biggest Fear:  Losing Kisa, the dragon she is secretly protecting in Keckrick

Unique Facts:  Her human contact has been limited because she doesn’t want anyone to find out about Kisa.  She can move in the woods without making a sound, shoots darts from a slingshot with deadly accuracy, and studies the weather patterns.  She can sense when animals are about to strike or a storm is about to hit.

Omri Finds His Dark Side

In the cold, dark corner of the stone prison, Omri sat with his hands chained together in front of him and his ankles chained to the floor.  He had been stripped of the power to do anything.  Except think.  Plan his revenge.  Contemplate his future.

He would escape this prison.  He would remain in Varzack long enough to regain his physical strength and ensure his brother rotted in a prison of Omri’s choosing.  And he would become King of the Land of Zandador.

When he became king, he would make the world bend to his will.  He would have complete control of everyone and everything.  Dragons would obey him.  People would fear him.  Even the land would produce the food and plants he demanded.

When he became king, he would dictate what the people learned, where they lived, what jobs they worked, who they married and how many kids they could have. 

When he became king, no one would dare defy him.  If they did, he would have them killed or banned to the Land of No Return.  

When he became king, he would show no mercy.  Have no compassion.  Show no sympathy.  He would treat people the way he was being treated in this prison.  He wanted every person in his kingdom to feel like they had shackles on their hands and feet, to know the hopelessness of being a prisoner, to have no say in the day to day activities of their lives.

When he became king, he would gain total domination over the Land of Zandador.  Varzack.  The entire Great Rift.  And eventually the dimension on the other side of the portal known as earth. ffffffffff

Omri’s First Encounter with a Dragon

The year was 3600, a Battle for the Throne year in Zandador. 

At age 96, Omri was too young to enter the battle.

As a servant in Varzack, Omri was not allowed to leave Varzack.

As a blacksmith, Omri had no official training as a Dragon Hunter.

None of that mattered to Omri. 

Omri was the one son his parents had a chance to influence.  They were forced to give up Omri’s two older brothers to become soldiers in the army and thus focused all their attention on their youngest son.  If he became King of Zandador, they would be freed from their life of servitude to their master Rehu.

His mother had been telling him from the day of his birth how special he was.  She made him believe he could do no wrong and deserved to have everything he wanted. 

Likewise, his father told him he was strong and smart and powerful and had been training him in secret.  They weren’t supposed to know how to fight with the swords they made in their blacksmith shop, but they trained at night anyway. 

So when the Battle for the Throne began, they helped Omri sneak out of Varzack so he could hunt dragons in Zandador.  What none of them knew was that Omri’s oldest brother Mahrer was also in Zandador hunting dragons.

He began his hunt in Dusk Stalker territory.  He spent a month tracking one dragon, learning its habits and assessing its strengths and weaknesses.  Then one early morning in February, Omri made his move.

His plan was to cut off the dragon’s tail while it slept, and Omri had observed it often slept til nearly noon.  Attacking at sunrise would catch the dragon in a deep sleep, and it would be his before it had a chance to open its eyes.

Quietly, Omri drew his sword and approached the dragon’s cave.  He found its white-scaled body curled into a ball, and its tail curved all the way under its head.  Omri smiled.  All he had to do was slice through any part of the dragon’s tail, and it would be his to control.

He adjusted his feet as he raised his sword, but that was all it took to wake the dragon.  In one quick motion, it kicked Omri with his back leg.  The sharp claws ripped Omri’s shirt, cut into his chest and sent him sprawling down the hill.

Omri scurried under cover of some nearby bushes and waited for the dragon to find him, but it never did.  Because his brother found him first.

“Omri?  What are you doing here?”  Mahrer pulled the hurt Omri to his feet and punched him in the jaw.  “How dare you attempt to hunt any dragon, especially one I plan to make my own.”

“You’re no Dragon Hunter.”  Omri spit out a mouthful of blood.  “I got closer to that dragon on my first attempt than you could ever hope to get in a thousand years.”

Mahrer screamed and punched Omri again, knocking him out.

When he woke up, his hands and legs were tied, and he was on his way back to Varzack to serve a decade-long prison sentence for abandoning his blacksmithing responsibilities. ffffffffffffff

Omri’s Beginnings

Those of the Dragon Hunter Bloodline moved south of Zandador to Varzack when the first Dragon Collector won the Battle of the Throne.

They stayed out of Zandador and the Battle for the Throne for the next 500 years and focused on building their own society.  Two classes soon emerged:  slaves and slave owners.

The slaves mined the resources of the land—mostly iron and wood—to build homes and towns at the direction of their owners.  They learned how to maximize the use of purple rains, cultivate plants and trade using paper currency instead of dragon scales.

They became excellent craftsmen; swords and spears became the predominant weapons across the country of Varzack.

They also learned that although they lived long lives (with an average lifespan of 400 years), they aged faster in Varzack than those who lived to be a thousand years in Zandador.  Many grew content with their lives but a small faction longed for a return to the Land of Zandador.

Omri was one of those people.

Omri’s parents were both of the Hunter Bloodline and both slaves of Rehu.  His father Grishtor worked as a blacksmith for Rehu while his mother Sylvia worked in the kitchen.  Rehu arranged the marriage and ordered the couple to have three sons.

The first two children born were girls.  Rehu had each of them killed.  He wanted boys—two to sell to the army and one to work for him as a blacksmith.

Over the next five years, Sylvia gave birth to three boys:  Mahrer, Vixay and Omri.

Mahrer and Vixay were raised as soldiers and sold to the army at age 12 to fight the beasts of the land.  Since they were of the Hunter Bloodline, they were also trained to hunt dragons in preparation to fight in a Battle of the Throne in Zandador.

Omri wanted to be a soldier like his brothers.  He wanted to use the swords he made with his father in the shop to fight, not simply give them to others to fight.  But Rehu would not allow it and ordered Omri to be a blacksmith, not a soldier or a Dragon Hunter.

This infuriated Omri.  He was more powerful than either of his brothers and deserved to be the one training to hunt dragons.  He thought of himself as a King, not a blacksmith.

So when the Battle for the Throne began in 3600, Omri decided to flee Varzack and enter the competition for the throne.

Only things did not go as planned. 


Meet Omri, one of the characters in The Dragon Hunter.  He is the King of Zandador and has retained the throne for nearly 500 years.  But he is in danger of losing his crown if Javan collects all four Dragon Stalkers by the end of the current year.  Omri’s son Micah is thus fighting against Javan to ensure Omri remains in power.  Here is Omri’s brief profile:

Birthdate:   February 6 in the Zandadorian year of 3504

Current Age:  696

Appearance:  6’4”, black skin, dark brown eyes, black hair worn in short, tight braids, broad shoulders

King of Zandador 

Family:  Two brothers; twelve wives, thirteen sons (including Micah), twenty-eight daughters

Personality:  Arrogant, Manipulative, Ruthless

Biggest Fear:  Losing control of Zandador

Unique Fact:  Born in Varzack and trained to be a blacksmith rather than a Dragon Hunter like his two older brothers.  When he attempted to leave Varzack and enter the Battle of the Throne in 3600, his older brother turned him in.  Omri was thus imprisoned for ten years.  Upon his release, he vowed to never be controlled by anyone again.  He dedicated himself to learning everything he could about Dragon Hunting, escaped Varzack and won the Battle for the Throne in 3700.  500000


Meet Shara, one of the characters in The Dragon Hunter.    She is the 301st person to take over as Captain of the Dawn Justice Unit during Omri’s reign (the Dawn Stalker Dahlia is temperamental and has a tendency to maim captains who displease her).  Shara quickly learned how to play to Dahlia’s pride and is thus beginning her ninth year as Dahlia’s captain, making her the longest running Dawn Stalker Captain to date.  Here is her brief profile:

Birthdate:   April 4 in the Zandadorian year of 3848

Current Age:  352

Appearance:  5’7”, slender, shoulder-length wavy brown hair, blue eyes

Rank:  Captain of the Dawn Justice Unit 

Family:  Husband Cory, a farmer; daughter Renaha, age 34

Personality:  Insecure, Kind, Compliant

Biggest Fear:  Upsetting Dahlia, the Dawn Stalker she is responsible for

Unique Fact:  Omri appointed her as Captain because of her beauty, not her leadership skills or talent.  Her unit is thus the weakest, most incompetent unit in the army. ffffffffff


Meet Phalloz, one of the characters in The Dragon Hunter.  He is an excellent boxer, and the only person who has ever beaten him in a boxing match is Micah.  Here is his brief profile:

Birthdate:  June 4 in the Zandadorian year of 3714

Current Age:  486

Appearance:  6’1”, wiry, black skin, bushy black beard, shaved head

Rank:  Captain of the Noon Justice Unit 

Family:  Younger brother Jelea; all other family is deceased; single, never married

Personality:  Arrogant, Devious, Grudge-holder

Biggest Fear:  Losing his rank as Captain of the Noon Justice Unit

Unique Fact:  To prove his loyalty to Omri and earn the rank of Captain, he turned his brother in for plotting to kill the king.  Although Jelea was innocent of all charges, Omri believed Phalloz and sent Jelea to the Land of No Return. x


Meet Galiron, one of the characters in The Dragon Hunter.  He is a master swordsman who trained all of Omri’s children—including Micah—how to fight with a sword.  Here is his brief profile:

Birthdate:  December 3 in the Zandadorian year of 3413

Current Age:  786

Appearance:  6’4”, muscular, wide chest, red hair and bushy red beard; talks with a deep voice

Rank:  Captain of the Midnight Justice Unit 

Family:  Married to Bilha; son Mark and daughter Jehtie

Personality:  Decisive, Sensitive, Lonely

Biggest Fear:  Making a decision Omri doesn’t agree with; he knows displeasing the King leads to severe punishment

Unique Fact:  He is the only person to have served as a Captain of a Justice Unit during the entire reign of Omri; Omri recruited him because of his sword fighting skills.  At first, he turned down Omri’s invitation.  Then Omri threatened to kill his wife and children.  To keep them alive, he accepted the appointment as Captain of the Justice Unit.  He is not allowed to have any contact with his family but knows they are protected as long as he remains loyal to the King. ff

Micah’s New Mantra

Six months in the dungeon wearing a spiked collar around his neck and chains around his wrists left fourteen-year-old Micah physically weak when he finally emerged from the dark, damp space below the castle.

Mentally, however, he had become tougher than ever.  His father had shown him what no mercy looked like by sentencing him to the time in the dungeon.  He decided he wanted to be just like his father and trained himself to think the way his father did. 

No mercy.  Dragons are slaves.  People obey me.  I always win.  No mercy.

He repeated that mantra to himself day after day, week after week, month after month.  He let those words hijack his conscience and take over the core of his character.  So even though he could barely walk into the throne room without stumbling on his weak legs to face his father on his day of release, the power of those words gave Micah the strength to look Omri directly in the eye and say with confidence, “I learned my lesson, Father.  I’m ready to resume my Hunter training.”

“You are weak and unfit.”  Omri walked down from his throne, inspected Micah and spit in his face.  “You would make a mockery of the Dragon Hunter tradition if you even tried to lift a sword right now.”

“Perhaps.”  The spit bothered Micah, but he didn’t bother to wipe it off his face.  “I may be weak, but I understand the mindset of a Dragon Hunter.  No mercy.  Dragons are slaves.  People obey me.  I always win.  No mercy.”

Omri crossed his arms and studied Micah’s eyes.  Micah stared back, refusing to blink.

“Finally.  I have a son who understands me and the value of the Dragon Hunter Bloodline.  Guards!”  Omri clapped his hands, and the two guards who had escorted Micah up from the dungeon entered the room.  “Take him to his room.  Get him cleaned up.  Feed him well.  He resume his training in the morning.”

Then without so much as a pat on the back, Omri returned to his seat on the throne.

Micah shook it off.  He didn’t need a show of affection.  He just needed the opportunity to live out his mantra.  His father was giving him that opportunity.

As Micah poured his heart, soul and mind into his training over the next few decades, he made sure to meditate on his mantra and stay true to his values.

No mercy.  Dragons are slaves.  People obey me.  I always win.  No mercy. 45006e007400

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