The following is chapter twelve of The Dragon Protector.  (Need to start at the beginning?  Click here to go to chapter one.)

Javan’s legs caught a sturdy branch on his clumsy plummet to the ground.  He wrapped his legs around the scratchy bark and searched for Taliya from his upside-down position.  “Taliya?”

He felt light-headed, dizzy, and confused.  Why had he ended up in this tree?  He had intended to teleport himself to the ground in front of the treehouse where he, Micah, and Taliya were standing when the white winds whisked them away.  Instead he found himself in the tree that used to hold Taliya’s house.  His teleportation technique obviously needed some work.

“I’m here.”  Taliya appeared below him.  “I would suggest you let go so I can catch you, but we both know that wouldn’t work out so well.”

The image of Taliya attempting to catch him brought a smile to his face.  “Right you are.  Is Kisa around?”

“I’m sure she is since she just brought you here.”

“She didn’t bring me.”

“Did Varjiek fly you here?”  Taliya molded her face into a scowl and crossed her arms across her chest.  “Did you not trust me to come back to Nahat?”

“No.  I mean yes. I mean–” Javan shook his head and started over.  “I figured out how to teleport on my own and somehow ended up in your tree.”

Taliya’s eyes grew wide.  “You have the ability to teleport?  On your own?  Without the aid of a portal?  That’s unheard of.”

“Not anymore.”  He hoped she would still be impressed once she learned he needed his Stalker Sword to teleport, a sword that was no longer in his hand.  Where had it landed?  Or did it vanish on the way here?  Was it only good for one teleportation jump?

“Prove it.  Take me back to Nahat.”

“In case you haven’t noticed,” Javan said, scanning the ground below him for his sword, “I’m kinda stuck in a tree.”

“Good point.  You know, I do have a whistle that summons Kisa.”  Taliya tugged on a long, thin black string around her neck and held up what looked like a dragon’s tooth that was attached to the end of the string.  “I suppose I could blow it if you ask nicely.”

“Are you serious right now?”  The branch creaked, and Javan had a hunch it wasn’t going to hold him much longer.  “My life is in danger, and you’re harassing me about saying please?”

“If we’re going to be working together, I want to know I can expect you to be polite and respectful no matter the situation.”

He could tell by the amusement underlying her words that she was simply enjoying his precarious predicament.  Still, he decided it was in his best interest to play along.  “Please blow the whistle.”

“Was that so hard?”  Taliya smiled and blew the whistle.  Javan didn’t hear anything, but Kisa appeared in the clearing ten feet away from the tree seconds later.  He had to get himself one of those whistles.

“Hey, girl,” Taliya said.  “Your Collector needs some help getting to the ground without breaking his neck.”

Kisa cocked her head and studied Javan.  Why are you hanging in the tree?

“I’m not really sure.  Can you please just get me down?”

Kisa walked over and lowered her nose underneath Javan.  He walked his hands up her long snout, unhooked his legs from the branch, and plopped on the dragon’s head.  She dropped her nose to the ground and let Javan slide off.  He planted his feet beside Taliya and wobbled slightly until the blood that had rushed to his head while hanging in the tree redistributed itself throughout his body.

If it’s time to go, Kisa said, tell Varjiek to make himself visible.  I can’t teleport him back if I can’t see him.

“He’s not here,” Javan said, kicking the long grass under the tree searching for his sword.  “One of your scales enabled me to teleport myself here when I put it in my sword.”

Kisa took a step back.  A human can teleport?

“Yup.  I’ll show you as soon as I find my—aha.  There it is.”  A glint of sun reflected off the rainbow-colored steel on the other side of the tree.  He picked it up with his right hand, walked back to Taliya, and offered her his left hand.  She didn’t take it.

“I think you’re forgetting I can’t hear Kisa’s side of the conversation.  I’m not sure what you’re wanting to do.”

“I’m wanting to show you and Kisa I can teleport.  Please take my hand, and I will return you to Nahat.”

“This should be interesting.”  Taliya placed her hand on his palm and wrapped her fingers through his.  “Let’s go.”

Javan liked the way her hand fit his and squeezed back.  He smiled, closed his eyes, and pictured the bridge in Nahat.  He waited for that whirling, swirling sensation that accompanied his first teleportation trip, but that sensation never came.

“If you wanted to hold my hand,” Taliya said, breaking his concentration, “you could have just asked.”

Embarrassed, Javan opened his eyes and dropped her hand.  “I…I don’t understand.  I got myself here.  Why couldn’t I get us back?”

Your mind isn’t strong enough yet, Kisa said.  Teleportation requires intense mental focus, and it’s especially hard when you are trying to teleport someone else that has a mind of her own.  It will take time and practice to learn.

“What’s she saying?” Taliya asked.

“She’s saying she’s going to teach me the fine art of teleportation.  Since we don’t have time for any lessons right now, though, she’s going to take us back to Nahat herself.”

I said all that?

Javan glared at Kisa.

Of course I said all that.  I’m your dragon.  I’ll be happy to teach you how to teleport.  It will be fun taking you to my favorite places by the waterfall and—

“Kisa!  Nahat.  We need to get back to Nahat.”

As you wish.  Kisa lowered her neck to the ground.  Javan helped Taliya up, then let her help him climb up behind her.  A heartbeat later, Kisa had whisked them back to the clearing near the gate of the city.



To be continued…